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Smartly dressed and boldly self-confident REL major thumbin' a ride to cross-cultural adventure.

The three above ads ran in the student newspaper, The Crimson White, during registration, Spring 2004.


New Developments

Each semester, the Department Chair and Undergraduate Advisor each send a letter to all majors and minors, informing them of developments in the Department. All letters are archived on the following two pages.

Letters from the Chair

Letters from the Advisor


The following pages list resources in the Department that will be of use to you.

Quite apart from these pages, students are encouraged to browse through the Department's site, for a number of pages contain links and PDFs that will provide you with further information about the field as well as the work of your professors.

Religious Studies Student Association
Theta Alpha Kappa, the REL Honors Society

REL Honors Research Symposium

Describing the Study of Religion

Student Worker Handbook

Out-of-State Students

Department Library

Department Lounge

Silverstein Fellows

Department News

Current Students

Caption Contest
Student Essays
Photo Gallery




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