Religion in

Past Courses

Learning to tear the edges, apply butter, and bake at precisely the correct temperature helps our students to make everything new old again.



Spring 2008

Note: Prof. Jacobs is on sabbatical in the Spring 2008 semester

Spring 2008 class schedule (PDF)

REL 100-001 Intro to Religious Studies

REL 100-002 Intro to Religious Studies

REL 105-001 Honors Intro Religious Studies

REL 220-001 Survey of Asian Religions

REL 419-001 Research/Writing in Religious Studies (W) (McCutcheon)

REL 480-001 Seminar in Religion in Culture: The History of Religious Experience (McCutcheon)

REL 483-001 Religion and Identity in
South Asia

REL 490-001 Senior Seminar: Semiotics of Voodoo (Murphy)