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Sarah E. Rollens

Early Chirsitianity, Synoptic Problem and Q, Critical Theory, Sociology of Communities in Antiquity

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Sarah E. Rollens earned her Ph.D. in Early Christianity from University of Toronto. Before coming to Alabama, Sarah taught courses in religious studies for University of Toronto and University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Dr. Rollens's areas of interest include the Galilean Jesus movement, the Synoptic Problem and Q, and the social and economic contexts of earliest Christianity. She also studies ancient associative practices and documentary papyri from the early Roman Empire to illuminate early Christian ideas and activities. Her dissertation explored the ideological project of the authors of the Q document by exploring points of comparison with other "middling" figures who direct social movements that benefit disadvantaged groups. She has broader interests in methodological, theoretical, and pedagogical issues in the study of religion.

Dr. Rollens has published articles in Method & Theory in the Study of Religion, Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses, and Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses. She recently contributed to William Arnal, Willi Braun, and Russell McCutcheon's Failure and Nerve in the Study of Religion (2012) and Ruben Zimmerman, Michael Labahn, and Dieter Roth's Metaphorik und Narrativität in der Logienquelle / Metaphor and Narrative in Q (forthcoming). She has also contributed several entries to John S. Kloppenborg and Richard S. Ascough's The Aegean Islands, Syria, Egypt. Vol. 3 of Greco-Roman Associations: Texts, Translations, Commentary (forthcoming in 2015). She is currently working on the issues of "community" and "persecution" as they relate to the Q document and is also working with Richard Last on an unpublished papyrus from the Tebtunis archive that preserves a detailed record of an ancient association and its practices.

Sarah is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the North American Association for the Study of Religion, and the Context Group.

Courses Taught

REL 105 Honors Introduction to Religious Studies

REL 112 Introduction to the New Testament

REL 372 Violence in Early Christianity