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REL 371
Advanced Studies in American Religions: Lakota Sioux


Tim Murphy

Office: 209 Manly
Course: M, 3:00-5:30 PM
Course Number: 48450
Location: Manly 210
Office Hours: TBA or by appointment


Using the famous wichasa wacan (“holy man”) Black Elk (not uncritically) as a point of entry, we will examine the history and social structure of the Lakota (or Teton) Sioux (the Native Americans in Dances with Wolves) as a prelude to a semester-long study of their myths, rituals, and beliefs.  The emphasis of the course will be on the seven sacred ceremonies, including the Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge, and Sun Dance.  This is a one-time offering; it covers the American Religions and upper division course requirements for the Religious Studies Major.  The format will be heavily weighted towards student involvement; together, we will jointly/collectively explore in depth the religious and cultural world of these fascinating people.


Fall 2009 Syllabus


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